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By Rajendra Khare

Product Integration (PI) is a Process Area at CMMI Maturity Level 3 under Engineering category. Product Integration (PI) helps in the assembling of the product components into the product. It also ensures that the product is integrated and behaves as intended (for functionality and quality requirements) and delivers the product.

Product Integration (PI) Implementation Steps

Product Integration helps in integrating the product components and ensuring the behaviour of the products. Product Integration is conducted using the following steps:

  1. Plan for Product Integration: First step in Product Integration is to prepare an Integration plan or strategy. Integration Plan includes details of Product components to be integrated, with details of the verifications to be performed. It also includes establishing the product environment, defining integration process and steps. And details of tools required for integration (if any).
  2. Ensure Interface Compatibility: Product Integration shall ensure the interface compatibility of between system’s internal interfaces. It shall also ensure compatibility with external systems. Interface requirements shall be reviewed and validated.
  3. Assemble and Deliver the product: In the final step, product components are assembled, verified and validated. Once verification and validation ensure the performance, suitability, or readiness of the product, product is packaged and delivered to the client (end user). Delivery may include delivery audit by the QA Person (Team) and Product acceptance by the client (end user) in the form of email or hard copy acceptance.

Source: CMMI-DEV Model, CMMI Institute. Interpretation by the author.

Benefits of Product Integration (PI)

PI helps in achieving the quality and performance required by the product in its intended environment. It also helps in elimination of the interfacing issues. Formal deliveries help in reducing the conflict with client (end users).

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